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August 10, 2010
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Manda Sketch Cards by NickShev Manda Sketch Cards by NickShev
Here are the Mandas 1963, 1968 and 2004. Manda was never a real favorite of mine like Anguirus or Gorosaurus but he's still a cool dragon looking kaiju. I'm very pleased with how these came out. I tried to do the first and third one in a swimming pose and the second one like he's crawling on the ground. I was worried about doing the scales on Manda and how they would come out but again it looks pretty good. Maybe I'm ready to do King Ghidorah for the next set. This will be it for these cards now, I have to work on a commission I've kinda been putting off.

Each card is a 3.5" x 5" piece of coloraid paper and are drawn with microns, a brush pen, and a white colored pencil.
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Excellent work on all three forms of Manda! Its a shame how plain he looked in Destroy All Monsters, without the horns, mane, and whiskers he just looks like an oversized snake rather than a sea serpent deity. I haven't seen Super Atragon yet sadly, hope to do so someday, but he did look spectacular in Final Wars (too bad he wasn't around for very long though, even Ebirah got to fight Godzilla, even if he got pwned in seconds lol)
Hey I'm making a DAM poster for my room, would it be okay if I used this for Manda (I'll change it of course); cause I can never find good quality Manda drawings like these (I mean that). So if its okay with you, than great :)

P.S this is a really amazing card. I love ho you put the detail in (i.e the scales, and under-belly) :)
I never did understand why they decided randomly to shave manda and make his head look so boring for destroy all monsters, nice pik :)
I think it's because when Manda got froze by the Atragon/Gotengo in te movie "Atragon" (which is connected to Destroy all Monsters).
Metallian1990 Aug 18, 2010   Traditional Artist
Manda is a SHE u.u
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